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Do you want to reach thousands of new users? Not only those in your own district, but also thousands of users in the surrounding districts will now be able to order from your business. A house, a plaza, a workplace or a university campus, whoever you want to serve is now your customer. It's pretty simple! We list your menu and send you the order information. If you wish, you can do the delivery of the order yourself, or Yemeksepeti delivers it to the user on your behalf. You can join our family now and become one of our business partners with great advantages.

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Food, groceries or anything you need from shops around you is at your door in minutes. Download Yemeksepeti, create your basket and place your order, pay online or at the door as you wishs.

With more than 50 thousand restaurant business partners in Turkey's 81 cities and TRNC, we are the first brand that comes to mind in online food ordering in Turkey! You can easily order your favorite foods around you, from the most famous restaurant chains or from your local favorites.

Choose the restaurant, add the meal to your basket, pay online or at the door as you wish. The rest is easy, your order is at your door quickly!

Besides, if you need instant grocery shopping, Yemeksepeti Market is at your service! Thousands of market products can be delivered at any time, within minutes!

Yemeksepeti Mahalle is also here! All the local shops you know and trust around your neighbourhood, such as supermarkets, delicatessens, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers and petshops, are at your door with various campaigns!

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  1. Dozens of cuisines and categories, thousands of products for food ordering or grocery shopping!
  2. Thousands of discounts on your favorite foods and groceries every day!
  3. Online or at the door, option to pay as you wish!
  4. 24/7 Help Center team, always ready to support you for your order!

All you have to do is think about your needs and take a look at the options around you!

Yemeksepeti is with you, whatever you have in mind is at your door!