Atakule Kumpir, T. Özal (Kenan Evren Kvş. Güneyi)

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Restaurant Ratings
Speed 6.4
Service 5.9
Flavour 5.8
Min. Delivery Amount
5.00 TL
Working Hours (today)
11:00 - 22:30
Avg. Delivery Time
45 min.
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Restaurant Review (2 reviews)
Speed: 8
Service: 7
Flavour: 6
3 days ago - 01:01

Ehh.. İşte fena değildi kumpir... !

Speed: 4
Service: 3
Flavour: 1
11 days ago - 11:19

Servis cok yavaşti. Sakin kumpir istemeyin malzeme bayat ve cok azdı hemen duzeltilmesi gerekiyor.