Barrio, Etiler

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Restaurant Rating
Min. Delivery Amount
25.00 TL
Working Hours (today)
09:00 - 23:00
Delivery Time
20-30 min.
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  • Latte
    Single shot bio organik espresso kahve ve süt ile hazırlanan ince süt kremalı latte
    12.00 TL
  • Double shot bio organik espresso kahveye aynı oranda süt eklenerek hazırlanır.
    13.00 TL
  • Freddo
    12.00 TL
  • Double shot bio organik espresso kahve ve sıcak su karıştırılarak hazırlanır.
    11.50 TL

It became compulsory to purchase plastic bags for at least 0,25 TL according to the amendments on Environment Law by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. If you require a plastic bag, you should add it to your basket. The amount will be charged to you for each plastic bag.

Your orders will be delivered to you by Yemeksepeti restaurants' or third party delivery companies' couriers. Online Credit Card and credit card is the sole payment method for Vale orders.

Delivery fee for this restaurant is 490.00 TL

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Restaurant Review (2 reviews)
Restaurant Rating: 9

Hızlı ve lezzetliydi teşekkürler.

Restaurant Rating: 9

Flat white çok lezzetli.