Dedem Sandwich, Küçükesat

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This restaurant is out of service due to huge demand.

In the meantime, you can order from these open restaurants listed below.

8.6 Big Bang Burger, Tunalı
min. 20.00 TL
8.6 Subway, G.O.P
min. 15.90 TL
8.5 Kıtır, Tunalı
min. 5.00 TL
8.3 Cafe Lox, Tunalı
min. 15.00 TL
8.3 Otantik Kumpir, Tunalı min. 5.00 TL
8.2 Tadım Pizza, Tunalı
min. 11.00 TL
8.0 Pizza Time, Cebeci
min. 5.00 TL
7.9 Subway, Tunalı
min. 7.90 TL
7.8 Beys Pizza, Büyükesat
min. 11.00 TL