Domino's Pizza, Mustafakemalpaşa (Hamzabey Mah.)

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Restaurant Ratings
Speed 6.9
Service 6.1
Flavour 6.7
Min. Delivery Amount
12.90 TL
Working Hours (today)
11:00 - 23:59
Avg. Delivery Time
30 min.
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Buy one small or medium size pizza except for Classic Pizza, get the second one for free ! Buy one large size pizza except for Classic Pizza, get the second large pizza for only 5 TL! 'Promotion is not valid for the Menüler or Özel teklifler title.


If your order is directed to another branch, 30 minutes delivery guarantee of your order starts when your order is received by the directed branch. The details of the process will be sent to the e-mail address that is specified in your order.

Domino’s Pizza delivers to your door in 30 minutes, all deliveries exceeding 30 minutes are free of charge! Click here for detailed information

There is no delivery only for drinks. Please specify your demand for tableware (fork, knife) in customer note field. There are no ketchup or mayonnaise in Domino's Pizza branch.

Please perform the topping changes through pizza and sandwich choice boxes. Requests regarding ingredient alterations will not be considered.

Click here for the delivery areas which are given 30 minutes delivery time guarantee.

Promotions cannot be combined.

It became compulsory to purchase plastic bags for at least 0,25 TL according to the amendments on Environment Law by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. If you require a plastic bag, you should add it to your basket. The amount will be charged to you for each plastic bag.

Sausage, soudjouk, soudjouk cubes, pepperoni, New York pepperoni, jambon, Adana spicy kebab items that are used in the products are produced from chicken and/or turkey meat.

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Restaurant Review (5 reviews)
Speed: 1
Service: 1
Flavour: 1

1. 30 saaten daha geç sürede geldi.

Speed: 7
Service: 8
Flavour: 8

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Speed: 7
Service: 8
Flavour: 8

Navigasyon kullanın!

Speed: 9
Service: 6
Flavour: 10

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