Domino's Pizza, Pursaklar

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This restaurant is out of its working hours. You can only place future orders from this restaurant.

Restaurant Points
Speed 8.3
Service 7.0
Flavour 7.3
User Reviews


m...m 21 days ago

Berbat ötesiydi iade götürdümmmm.

c...u 1 months ago

Sarımsak kenarı unuttular dolayısıyla benden 1 tl fazla tahsilat yaptılar. Pizzanın malzemesi azdı tadı yavandı.

s...m 2 months ago

Bol malzemosun malzemesi çoksa normali nasıl merak ediyorum. Özel şekilli pizzanın da resimdekilerle hiç alakası yok. Son derece özensiz hazırlanmış. Üzerindeki etler kayış gibiydi.

e...r 3 months ago

Delivery Regions:
Minimum Delivery Amount
8.90 TL
Working Hours:
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
10:00 - 00:50
Average Delivery Time:
30 minutes (average)

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Click here for the delivery areas which is given 30 minutes delivery time guarantee. Domino’s Pizza delivers to your door in 30 minutes, all deliveries exceeding 30 minutes are free of charge! Click here for detailed information.

There is no delivery only for drinks. Please specify your demand for tableware (fork, knife) in customer note field. There is no ketchup or mayonnaise Domino's Pizza branch.

Please perform the topping changes through pizza choice boxes. Requests regarding ingredient alerations will not be considered.

2 Adet Orta Boy Pizza + Litrelik İçecek' is 29,9 TL, 'Bol Malzemos Pizza (Orta) Fırsatı' is 14,9 TL instead of 29,9 TL, 'Parti Menüsü' is 43,9 TL. Please select the product from 'Promosyon Menüler' title.

Buy ’Özel Şekil Pizzalar’ for only 14,9 TL instead of 31,9 TL. Please select this product from 'Özel Şekil Pizzalar' title.

Buy ’Paketos Bol Malzemos/Cazip Pizzalar (Orta)' for only 20,99 TL and 'Paketos Karışık Pizza (Orta)' for only 21,99 TL. Please select this product from 'Paketos Menü' title.

Buy ’Tatlım Tahinlim Pizza’ for only 7,9 TL instead of 9,9 TL. In order to benefit from this promotion, enter the code which is given by Domino's Pizza into the 'My Coupons' box on the check out page. Full price will be asked for the orders given without entering the code.

Buy one medium size pizza, get the second one for free! Buy one large size pizza, get the second large pizza for only 5 TL! Except of Promosyon Menüler and Özel Teklifler

Middle or large sized single pizzas are for %50 off for everyday between 10:00 am to 15:00 pm and every night between 21:00 pm to 00:00 am.! Pealse select this products from '%50 İndirimli Orta Boy Pizzalar' and '%50 İndirimli Büyük Boy Pizzalar' titles. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.

'Seçilmiş Menü' is only 26,9 TL instead of 30,8 TL!

Special to GNCTRKCLL Club members, Domino's Pizza 'GNCTRKCLL Menüsü' is 15,99 TL! In order to benefit from this promotion, write 'DOMINOS' and send to 2278 and enter the code you are given into the 'GNCTRKCLL Kampanyası' box on the check out page. Full price will be asked for the orders given without entering the code.

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