McDonald's, Türkmenbaşı Bulvarı

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This restaurant can not serve at the moment.

Restaurant Ratings
Speed -
Service -
Flavour -
Min. Delivery Amount
9.25 TL
Working Hours (today)
11:00 - 02:00
Avg. Delivery Time
30 min.
Working Hours:
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
11:00 - 02:00
Average Delivery Time:
30 minutes (average)

Buy any menu, get 'Chicken McNuggets™ - 6 Parça' or 'Çıtır Soğan' or 'Acılı Chicken McBites' or 'Karışık Atıştırmalık' for only an additional 5,95 TL or 'Cheeseburger' for only an additional 6,45 TL!

Buy any menu, get 'Mısırlı Peynirli Kroket 4'lü' for only an additional 5,95 TL or 'Mısırlı Peynirli Kroket 6'lı' for only an additional 6,95 TL!

Buy BigMaç Menü is only 31,5 TL instead of 50,25 TL! Only at Yemeksepeti.

Çok Hesaplı İkili Menü is only 24,9 TL instead of 32 TL, Çok Keyifli İkili Menü is only 26,9 TL instead of 34,9 TL, Çok Efsane İkili Menü is only 28,9 TL instead of 36 TL, Çok Havalı İkili Menü is only 31,9 TL instead of 40,9 TL.

'Seçilmiş Menü (Big Mac™ & McChicken™+ Atıştırmalık)'' is only 29,95 TL instead of 50,65 TL!

Special to Yemeksepeti, buy 'Seçilmiş Menü (3 Daba Daba Burger Menü)' only for 32,85 TL instead of 49,5 TL!

Special to Yemeksepeti, buy 'Seçilmiş Menü (4 x 4 Big Mac™ & McFlurry™ Bonibon)' only for 20,95 TL instead of 28,95 TL!

Special to Yemeksepeti, buy 'Seçilmiş Menü (Gamer Menü)' only for 23,95 TL instead of 28,2 TL!

Special to Yemeksepeti, 'Maximum Menü (Big Mac™& McChicken™)' only for 29,95 TL instead of 45,45 TL! Order with exclusive discounts on Maximum Menu, just by using your Maximum credit card or İş Bank debit card. In order to get the Maximum Menu discount, you first need to choose Online Credit/Debit Card as your payment method. After choosing your payment method, you either need to choose to pay with your Maximum credit card or İş Bank debit card that you have already saved on Yemeksepeti or you need to enter the details of your card. Otherwise, your Maximum Menu order will be charged on its actual list price, without any discount. Maximum Menü is available on, Yemeksepeti mobile application and under Maximum Mobile application's Yemeksepeti tab. The discounted price is also valid for the orders that are paid by Maximum credit cards issued by Ziraat Bank.

Vodafone Menüsü (McChicken™ Menü & Cheeseburger) is only 19,95 TL instead of 28,7 TL! Order with exclusive discounts on “Vodafone Menüsü”, just by entering your Vodafone registered mobile number into the related query field and hit Send. Upon entering the campaign code you'll receive via SMS, your account will be recognized as a Vodafone member for you to enjoy discounted Vodafone Menus without campaign codes on each order, unless you change your number or leave membership. You may also benefit from this campaign with the codes you receive from Avantaj Cepte mobile app or by texting YEMEKSEPETI to 6666, getting the campaign code and typing it in Vodafone Kampanyası slot on the Order Confirmation page before completing your order. Otherwise, your Vodafone Menu order will be charged on its actual list price, without any discount


There is no use or gain of ‘Sipariş Puan’ (order points) for ‘Seçilmiş Menu, Vodafone Menu, 2 Mangal Burger Menu’.

There may be approximately +/- 10 to 15 minutes differences in your orders that are set to an advance hour.

Due to joint delivery areas, orders could be redirected to another branch of the restaurant. This may effect the average delivery time of your order. You can check this redirection information from "Previous Orders" section.

Click here for detailed delivery areas.

The notes written about sauces in customer note part will not be considered. Please add the sauces which you like to the basket.

Payment Types

Online Credit/Debit Card


Credit Card

Ticket Restaurant Food Card

Ticket Restaurant Food Check

Sodexo Restaurant Food Card





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The address information and the approved phone number of this restaurant are recorded in the Yemeksepeti system.
Restaurant Review (1 reviews)
Speed: 10
Service: 10
Flavour: 10
1 days ago

Yeni açıldı mükemmel başladınız siparişim hızlı ve sıcak geldi personel güleryüzlü ellerinize sağlık mcdonalds gibisi yok.