Mr. Tacos, Atakum (Atakent Yeni Mah.)

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This restaurant is out of its working hours. You can only place future orders from this restaurant.

Restaurant Ratings
Speed -
Service -
Flavour -
Min. Delivery Amount
5.00 TL
Working Hours (today)
12:30 - 22:45
Delivery Time
35-45 min.
Best-selling Products

Top-rated and ordered products by Yemeksepeti users.

  • Seçeceğiniz 2 Adet Tacos + Patates Kızartması + Kutu İçecek
    22.00 TL
  • Tavuk, patates, özel sos, kaşar peyniri
    12.00 TL
  • Kıyma, patates, özel sos, kaşar peyniri
    16.00 TL
  • Cordon bleu, patates, özel sos, kaşar peyniri
    12.00 TL

It became compulsory to purchase plastic bags for at least 0,25 TL according to the amendments on Environment Law by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. If you require a plastic bag, you should add it to your basket. The amount will be charged to you for each plastic bag.

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Restaurant Review (1 reviews)
Speed: 10
Service: 10
Flavour: 10

Cok güzel bir lezzet ve hızlı güler yüzlü kurye.

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