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General Information

Why should I use the internet to order food instead of using the telephone?

There are lots of advantages of online food delivery that cannot be compared to by-phone-delivery. The very simple example is that you wont hear any busy-signal and you wont be hold on the line. The restaurant would be properly informed about the very little details about your order- such as diet coke instead of coke, pot yoghurt instead of haydari. Since we minimize the human factor, the credibility of our system reaches its peak. This means, "Lahmacun-lahana" period has ended. Moreover, since we keep your address on our database, we ask you for it only once a lifetime (in case you dont use multiple addresses). For instance you will join a meeting but you want your pizza delivered right after the meeting, then select the future time for your order so that your pizza would be ready for you on time. Additionally, 5 clicks are enough for ordering Yemeksepeti.

Between what hours is Yemeksepeti open?

Yemeksepeti starts with the principle: "Everyone has the right of getting hungry at any time" and gives service to all users within the restaurants open hours. You can see which restaurant is open on which day and on what period of time in the resturants page.

Yemeksepeti has a lot of restaurant choices but my favorite(s) is not included. What should I do?

The restaurants you like are the restaurants we like. We would be glad to add your preferences on our list. First, fill up the form in the add a restaurant tab and then inform the restaurant owner or manager about us. Our sales team will immediately contact them and try to add them on our system.

Why do I need to register?

Registering has a bunch of advantages. First, we need your email and phone number to contact you in an emergency and to notify you that the restaurant is ran out of toast with cheese. Secondly, one time you give your address you wont need to write it again and again every time you order something.

I forgot my username/password. What should I do?

dont panic! We will ask you for your email, and since you enter your email theres no problem. The system will immediately send your username and password. If you dont have access to your email anymore, contact us by phone so that we can help you. The important thing is you to get your food on time. But we suggest you to keep your password anyway :)

Do I need for you to send me the password while I am registering for the first time?

Of course not. Yemeksepetis purpose is to ease the system and to increase the efficiency. Besides, we do not send you any password, you choose your own. Plus, we do not know anyones password. Thus anything that leads to latency is contrary to Yemeksepetis essential principles.

But I do not want to give out my credit card details?

We are not interested in your credit card number. For sure you pay your order by cash, credit card or vouchers according to your preferences, just like you do for the by-phone-deliveries. For us, shopping on the internet does not mean the credit card, you can order comfortably. Unless you want to pay by credit card to the restaurants that accept online credit card as a payment option for your convenience, Yemeksepeti will never ask you your credit card number.

So I choose what I want to eat, place my order online and a while later my order is at the doorstep. How does that happen?

Yeah, sure! Until now, we have delivered millions of orders without a single problem. We are sure that after you read these sentences, your order will be added to the many orders because we trust our system, ourselves and you so much.

Do I have to pay a fee if I place my order using Yemeksepeti instead of phone ordering?

Our service is completely free for the users ordering on the internet. You will pay the same price for the orders you place through our service as you pay when you order through the phone the restaurant that you picked, you can even win various gifts and eat cheaper than normal.

How can I sign up? Do I need to pay a registration fee?

You can fill out the membership form by clicking the “Click to register and order immediately.” button. Registration is completely free and very easy.

Who is Yemeksepeti?

Yemeksepeti is a website aiming to bringing together the restaurants that have takeaway service and the internet users that are willing to order food on the same platform. Users can order food free of charge by reaching the updated menus of all the restaurants that have an agreement with yemeksepeti.com website and its mobile applications.

Ordering Process

Can I delete a previous order?

Your previous orders cannot be erased.

How can I easily repeat my previous order?

You can see your previous orders by clicking "Previous Orders" icon right under your basket. You can repeat any of your previous orders by clicking "Repeat" icon on the right side of the order.

I would like to place an order a different city. Can I use my regular account to add a delivery address for a different city?

Sure! You can change your city by clicking "Change City" link and create a new address.

How can I view the minimum delivery amount for a delivery region, without going to the restaurant page?

After you search for the district, if you hold the mouse on the restaurant name for a second, you will see the minimum delivery amount. You can see the ratings of the restaurant and available payment methods as well.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, you can contact us the order approval page or by using the "Online Help" or by the User Support Line 444 5 445.

How can I view the details of my order?

If you want to see the details of your order, click "See Details" after you add things to your basket. You can reach any detail you want this page. In order to complete your order you just need to click "Fast Buy" icon. If you click "Continue Shopping" icon, you will be directed to the restaurant page.

I want to remove an item my basket.

Click the "X" sign next to the item you want to delete. The item would be deleted. If you want to empty the basket, the only thing you need to do is to click the "Empty Basket" link.

What if there is a problem with my order or it doesnt get delivered at all?

You can get help by clicking the "Online Help" on the main page or you can call us 24/7 at 444 5 445. You can e-mail us as well [email protected]

Can I pay online and send food to another address?

You can order food to a different address restaurants that accept Online Credit Card.

Will you share my information with the restaurant?

We share your phone number and address with the restaurants if needed to deliver your order without a problem. Apart this, under no circumstances your information is shared with the restaurants or any other firms, unless you give permission to do so.

Will Yemeksepeti or the restaurant call me after I place my order?

Apart your first order (As Yemeksepeti we like to call you and say welcome J) no one will call you unless you have a problem with your order. Yet, if the restaurant can’t find your address or if it wants to give you information about your food it can call you. In most of the cases, the restaurant calls Yemeksepeti and we deliver you the necessary information.

When and how is my order received by the restaurant?

The order you give on your website warns the software and sends the order information to the related restaurant with the necessary parameters. After you click the send button, the restaurant receives your order with all the details the tomato in your sandwich to the sauce on your cheescake in 60 seconds at the latest. For us, the order receipt duration and its details are very important because we know that faster you receive the order the happier you will be.

How can I understand that my order has been received?

When you submit your order, our server will inform you that your order has been received. At this point, it is totally our duty to deliver your order to the related restaurant, any little detail will not be overlooked since we do not include the human factor in the process. The confirmation of your order will be delivered to you immediately through e-mail. (This e-mail is sent to you for informational purposes anyway. If Aci Kebap runs out of tomato dip, we immediately indicate it by the sign “Stock Out” at the place of the dip in the menu; however if a problem occurs we will try to reach you via the phone. That’s why please give us the phone number that you have at the time of the order so we can reach you in case of a problem.)

How can I place my order?

After you choose your district, you can find the restaurant that is suited to your taste and put the desired food into the basket. After you write your address and pick the payment option you can complete your order. That’s it, easy peasy!


What are "My Favorites?" How do I use it?

You can see your favorite restaurants, orders and products by clicking the "Favorites" section in the middle of your page and on the right side of the basket. You can save your favorite foods in this section so that you will be able to add them to your basket without making a search. You can also view your favorite orders here. To add an order as your favorite, you must click the "Add to Favorites" button after you are finished with your basket. You can also name or comment them. You can save your favorite restaurants in the favorite restaurants section and you can share them with your friends by using the "Share" button or delete them by using the "Delete" button. You must click to "Add to Favorites" button to save a restaurant as your favorite as well.


What is VALE?

Vale is yemeksepeti.com’s new project which allows yemeksepeti users to place orders from restaurants which normally do not deliver. VALE orders are being delivered by yemeksepeti.com’s delivery restaurants’ or private courier companies’ delivery crews.

I am a yemeksepeti.com user, do I have to do something else to be able to place an order from VALE restaurants?

You can place an order from VALE restaurants as if you are placing an order from regular Yemeksepeti restaurant. You don’t have to do something extra.

Can I pay with food tickets or cash?

In order to deliver your orders as fast as they can, VALE restaurants are accepting only online credit card payment method.

Why is there a service fee at Vale orders?

Vale Service Fee is charged to your basket at a fixed price. Vale Service Fee covers a part of the delivery rider cost required to deliver your order to you from restaurants without their own delivery service.

There is a difference between the price I paid and the bill I have received with my order. Why?

Restaurants send you the bill for the food itself. You can download the bill for the difference by clicking the button on your order comfirmation e-mail or you can go to the checkout page again through “My Previous Orders” and clicking “See Order Details”.


What are special offers?

Yemeksepeti Promotions are available for all users. Promotions, consists of some special discounts and promotions that are only valid for use in Yemeksepeti. You can view all of them by clicking "Promotions" section on top your page. In addition, every time you enter to the main page you will find "All" and "Special" opportunities restaurants in your delivery region. Moreover, in each page of the restaurants list, you will find a picture stating the discount rate. In the periodic promotions, this picture will only be seen when the promotion is active.

How do I benefit special offers?

All opportunities, gifts, special opportunities and coupon opportunities are listed in the opening page when you click the "Promotions" tab on the main page. When you come to the All Opportunities tab, you can list all available opportunities by choosing your region.

Who can benefit from Vodafone Menu discounts?

All Vodafone members can benefit from the discounts of Yemeksepeti Vodafone campaign. If you want to take advantage of the Vodafone Menu discounts, you can browse https://www.yemeksepeti.com/vodafone for more information. Nevertheless, all Yemeksepeti users can order the Vodafone Menus without discounts too, as similar to before.


I cannot connect to Yemeksepeti mobile, is there a problem?

To reach Yemeksepeti Mobile, you have to be connected to the internet on your mobile phone. You have to contact your GSM operator to configure your connection settings free of problem.

Are promotions and discounts applicable in mobile?

All promotions are valid for our mobile services except the ones that works with special coupon codes such as deal-of-the-day sites.

Can I order with my Yemeksepeti username and password?

Yes, you can use your existing username and password for the orders on your mobile phone.

Which mobile phones are compatible with Yemeksepeti mobile?

Our service can be used through any mobile phone that has internet connection.

Is Yemeksepeti mobile a paid app?

The service that Yemeksepeti provides is completely free, however your GSM operator might charge you over a data transfer rate while using the service.

Can I reach Yemeksepeti mobile all GSM operators?

Yes, you can access to Yemeksepeti Mobile service by all of the GSM operators (Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea).

So now I can order Yemeksepeti on the way?

Yes, that s how easy it is. We do everything to ease your lives. You order your food while you are on your way (whether you choose immediately or at a certain/future time) and your order arrives on time.

What is Yemeksepeti mobile?

It is a system that allows you to reach any of Yemeksepeti services.

Is there a Yemeksepeti mobile application app? Where can I download it?

There are Yemeksepeti applications for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Android operating systems. You can download them for free your related store.

Delivery Addresses

Where can I find my registered addresses?

Click "addresses" in the middle of the page and on the right side of the basket. You will find the addresses that you saved before. If you want to create another address click "Create address" button on the upper-right side of the page. If you want to edit or delete them, click "Edit" or "Delete" button on the right side of the address. You can create as much as address with titles, edit or delete and use whenever you want.

When do I need to add a new address?

You dont need to create a new delivery address until you want to order to that specific address. If the address you want to order does not exist in your address section you can add it on your list with a new caption and later you can use that caption easily.

How do I add a new address?

You can add as many addresses as you want or change your current addresses through the "addresses" section. You can also do the same after you "Confirm Basket".

How can I update a registered address?

To make an address change, click the "Change" button next to the address that you want to change and after you make the changes click "Save". Now your information is updated.

Rating / Review

I rated a non-rated restaurant but my rating still does not appear.

Such a thing could not even be mentioned. The average score of 150 order in last 3 months is taken noticed. In addition, there must be at least 5 other ratings to consider your ratings for a non-scored restaurant. that s why your ratings might not be displayed at first. By doing this, we are trying to prevent the worst and the best scenarios due to someones ratings as 1-1-1 or 10-10-10. Because a lot of restaurant owner might rate in such way for his own restaurant or a competitors.

What is the rating system? How does it work?

The user-review system is created for our users to rate their orders. You can find your previous orders by clicking the "Previous Orders" in the middle of the main page. There is a "Rating/Comment" space next to your non-rated orders and Speed-Service-Taste ratings next to your rated orders. To rate or comment an order, click the "Rating/Comment" icon. Your ratings will be added on the restaurants average rating soon. You can follow this change in the main page.

Can I rate & review for a cancelled order?

Unfortunately, you cannot rate or comment a cancelled ordered but you can always convey your complaints and suggestions. Our team will pay attention to them immediately.

What is the review system? How does it work?

The user review system not only allows users to rate their orders according to Speed-Service-Taste but also allows them to comment on the orders and let others view it. Yemeksepeti editors immediately see and take action by the time the user comments on the order. The comments are published on the restaurant page anonymously according to some criteria ( meaningless-bad-slang-injurious-political- inappropriate language or comments including other brand name/spoiled food etc. are not published ) If necessary, the user is informed.

Online Credit Card

I placed my order with online credit card and now I want to cancel my order. What do I need to do?

As a result of your conversation with the Call Center or Online Help, any product you want will be removed your order and the amount will be refunded to your account. The time the refund will be reflected on your account might depend on your bank.

I placed my order with online credit card and now I want to add remove item(s) my order. What do I need to do?

As a result of your conversation with the Call Center or Online Help, any product you want will be removed your order and the amount will be refunded to your account. The time the refund will be reflected on your account might depend on your bank.

I cancelled an order with online credit card payment option. What is the refund procedure?

Your order is refunded immediately but the time it will be reflected on your bank account will depend on the bank.

Is my credit card number visible to others?

The key icon you see underneath your browser indicates that no third party can see any information you send through your browser on the site during the transaction. The confirmation for your credit card information is codified by the 128 bit SSL codification technique and is received via connecting to the related bank through related bank Virtual POS systems.

While placing an order with online credit card, there is also a Security (CV2) Code area I need to complete. What is the Security (CV2) Code?

The Security Code is the last 3 digits of the numbers found behind your credit card. Thanks to this number that is not written on the magnetic field even if your credit card number and its expiration date is seized, the card can’t be used against your will as the Security Code will be unknown.

I placed my order with online credit card and now I want to add extra item(s) to my order. What do I need to do?

For your orders paid with the Online Credit Card, you can’t add another product to your basket after you confirm your order. In case you want to add a product, you have to cancel your present order by contacting Online Help or Call Center and submit a new order.

How can I pay with online credit card?

After you choose "Online Credit Card" option in the Order Approval screen, you must enter your credit card number, CVC2 number, the expiration date and click "Confirm Basket".

How can I view restaurants which accept online credit card?

In the "Food /Restaurant search" section you can filter restaurants according to many criteria and payment option is one of them. You can list the restaurants that accepts "Online Credit Card" by filtering. Also, in the main page, if you select a region, you will be directed to the list that you will find the restaurants delivering you. And if you choose "Online Credit Card" the filters on the left, you will list the restaurants that accept it as a payment option.

What is online credit card payment option?

Online Credit Card is a payment option Yemeksepeti offers to users. You can make online payment without holding your credit card physically , so that you dont pay at the door.

Maximum Mobile

What is Maximum Mobile?

Maximum Mobile is İşbank's mobile wallet application in which card customers of İşbank and other banks can perform many transactions such as online payment of Yemeksepeti orders, card management, and campaign tracking. In order to login to Maximum Mobile, you can follow the steps given in the application. After logging into the application, you can display your İşbank cards and you can add your other banks cards.

What is Pay with Maximum Mobile?

It is a digital payment method offered for Maximum Mobile users, allowing users to pay without entering the card details. If you choose “Pay with Maximum Mobile” in the checkout stage at Yemeksepeti mobile application, you will be directed to Maximum Mobile application to confirm your payment quickly and safely.

How can I pay with Maximum Mobile Pay?

While ordering from Yemeksepeti Mobile application, "Pay with Maximum Mobile" will be displayed among the payment methods if you have Maximum Mobile application on your smartphone. After you select "Pay with Maximum Mobile", you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number declared to İşbank and then you will be directed to Maximum Mobile application. After logging into Maximum Mobile, you will be directed to the Instant Payments page on the Payments section to select the card you prefer to pay for completing the payment. As soon as your payment is completed, you will be directed back to the Yemeksepeti application and you can see the information that your order has been completed.

How can I see the restaurants that accept Payments with Maximum Mobile?

You can see all the restaurants that you can pay via "Maximum Mobile" by selecting "Pay with Maximum Mobile" from the filter options.

I gave my order by paying via Maximum Mobile and then I want to change / cancel my order. What should I do?

Changed/cancelled amount will be refunded to your account after the conversation you will make through the Call Center or Live Support. Refund durations may vary depending on your bank.


What is the selection criteria for winning gifts?

The winners are being determined automatically on weekly basis by a designated software taking into consideration various criteria such as number of gift requests, number of placed orders and basket totals during the period of the request, gifts won before and membership duration. A user cannot win the same gift in two consequent raffles. Once providing the gifts to the third party, Yemeksepeti is not responsible for the gifts not being delivered or delayed or any similar responsibilities. Gifts are limited. Once the winner is selected, the personal information of the winner will be shared with the third party in order to deliver the gift. In case of the winner is under 18 years old, the rights of gift usage are determined and limited by the law.

Who do I reach in case I have questions regarding gifts?

If you need anything about the gifts you can contact us via [email protected] and our team will help you in the working hours.

Can I turn over my gift to another user?

This case depends on the firms working hours. You can see the details through the e-mail notification.

I placed my order and selected a gift, do I win immediately?

You demand your gift after you place your order in the check-out page. The one with the highest order number and demanding the same gift in a week gets the gift.

How will I be notified when I win a gift?

Gift winners are chosen by a system without personal intervention and are notified via an e-mail.

Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket

What is Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket?

Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket is a virtual instrument for Yemeksepeti users to support their favorite restaurants by making a purchase even though they are not ordering food at the moment. Users will receive a benefit in return from the restaurant in their future orders by getting a discount.

How does Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket Work?

Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket must be purchased through the www.yemeksepeti.com or Yemeksepeti mobile application. There are 3 Support Ticket options; "Pay 40 TL, spend it as 50 TL" (offers 20% discount), "Pay 75 TL, spend it as 100 TL" (offers 25% discount) and "Pay 150 TL, spend it as 225 TL" (offers 33% discount). Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket will be available 60 days after the purchase and will be uploaded to users Wallet accounts at advantageous amounts.

How can I buy a Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket?

Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket can only be purchased from restaurants participating in the campaign. Win-Win Restaurant Support ticket can only be purchased online through credit card, debit card or prepaid cards.

How can I use my Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket?

When purchasing Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket, if you pay 40 TL; you will receive 50 TL, if you pay 75 TL; you will receive 100 TL, if you pay 150 TL, you will receive 225 TL in your Wallet. In order to be able to use Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket balance that is loaded into the Wallet, you need to set your Wallet password and approve the terms of use.

When can I use my Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket?

The balance is loaded into the Wallet accounts after 60 days, You can use your Wallet balance at any time.

Can I cancel my purchase of Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket?

The order cannot be cancelled if the Support Ticket is the only item in the order. In case there are different products in the order other than the Support Ticket, order can be cancelled. In this case, whole order including the Support Ticket can be cancelled or other products except the Support Ticket can be cancelled.

What are the other terms and conditions of Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket campaign?

Yemeksepeti can add new types to these tickets or remove certain types of tickets at any time. In such a case, the balance will be still uploaded to users´ Wallet accounts on the 60th day following the date of purchase, without any changes for checks received until the date of withdrawal, and this balance can be spent without any time limitation. Yemeksepeti can stop, interrupt or terminate the Win-Win Restaurant Support Ticket service at any time. In such a case, the advantageous amount of all checks received until the application is stopped will be still uploaded to users’ Wallet accounts 60 days after the purchase date, as mentioned. The user can use the balance loaded to the Wallet in return for the Support Ticket purchased, either in one order or in pieces. The balance will be loaded 60 days after the ticket is purchased. During this period, no cancellation or refund can be requested. No refund can be requested after balance is loaded in Wallet after 60 days as well. The loaded Wallet Balance will be valid only in the restaurant where the Support Ticket was purchased, for all the products and menus available in stock at the time of order in Yemeksepeti. If the restaurant, where the balance is valid, stops serving over Yemeksepeti, the Wallet Balance will be valid for all Wallet restaurants. In case of economic or environmental factors and force majeure reasons, the balance loading time determined as 60 days, can be changed by Yemeksepeti. In such a case, Yemeksepeti will notify users of the required change on the website or its applications via the Frequently Asked Questions. Win-Win Restaurant Support ticket purchases cannot be combined with other promotions and cannot be purchased using coupon balance. Yemeksepeti reserves the right to change these campaign conditions at any time. Related discounts are provided by restaurants with which Yemeksepeti has contracts. In this context, the restaurant is exclusively responsible for the issues such as weight, product appearance, content of the product purchased against the discount given, and these issues may change according to the conditions of the day the product is actually provided. This campaign is valid only for the voluntary restaurants’ takeaway orders that are provided on the www.yemeksepeti.com website and the Yemeksepeti mobile application. The products in the image are for advertising purposes. No physical tickets will be sent to you. If Yemeksepeti detects any malicious and / or illegal use related to the Support Ticket or Wallet balance; It has the right to cancel the ticket, not to make it available in the relevant restaurant and to claim the damage caused is reserved.


Why cant I change my address?

The system would not allow you to make an address change after you place your order.

What is Campus?

By using the "Campus" section you can view the restaurants delivering to your campus and the restaurants that you can take advantage of the special discounts.

Can I benefit discounts for all Campus restaurants?

Yes, the restaurants delivering to your campus and listed in the "Campus" page make special discounts for you. There is no restaurant without discount on that list.

How do I order Campus?

You dont need any other special thing to order a campus. The only thing you need to do is to order the restaurants listed in the "Campus" page and the rest is the same, just add things in your basket.

Do I have to order Campus every time?

No, of course you are not. In each restaurants menu page, the delivery regions and campuses are stated. If the restaurant delivers to your campus, you can add any item you want in the basket. The "Campus" link is prepared for you to list the restaurants that makes a discount for your campus.

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